5ª International Conference on Neuroethics


Health Neuroscience: the role of Ethics in the definition of a New Field

16-17 September 2019

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – Lisbon - Portugal


Health neuroscience is a new field that is at the interface of health and neuroscience. A chief goal of health neuroscience is not only to characterize bidirectional and dynamic brain-behaviour and brain-physiology relationships that are determinants, markers, and consequences of physical-health states across the life span. The motivation behind the ICONE is that a better understanding of ethics concerns will provide insights into how the brain links multilevel genetic, biological, psychological, behavioural, social, and environmental factors with physical health - especially vulnerability to and resilience against clinical illnesses.

ICONE5 has the pleasure to host the ENA-NET NEURON Midterm Session, which will bring a special dimension to the event.

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