Completed Projects

Area of research: early life

Project: Vulnerability in early life
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Filipe Almeida

Project: Burnout in hospital intensive care units and palliative

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. António Fonseca

Project: Threats early in life
Coordinator:  Prof. Dr. Maria Raul Lobo Xavier

Project:  Psychopathology in childhood and adolescence as a risk factor in the later development: From epidemiology to intervention Prof. Dr. Pedro Dias


Area of research: science and society

Project: Science and Society: promoting reflection on ethical issues in the life sciences
Coordinator:  Prof. Dr. Ana Sofia Carvalho

Project: Strategies and Tools for teaching ethics in the life sciences
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ana Sofia Carvalho


Area of research: anthropology and health

Project: Nature and Ethics
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Daniel Serrão