The Bioethics Institute (IB) was established by the Board of the Catholic University of Portugal in July 2002 with a commitment to extend and adapt the work of the Department for Research in Bioethics (GIB) to new developments in science and technology.

In order to establish a multidisciplinary approach to address complex challenges of today's society and aware of progress and ethical progress to the contours, the IB develops a broad range of activities, taking two major pillars of action: Research and Training.
The mission of the Institute of Bioethics unfolds in four main objectives:

  • Identification of key bioethical issues relevant to the culture;
  • Development of research projects in key areas of current bioethical debate with important implications for public policy;
  • Providing an excellent education in bioethics to students and professionals;
  • Promoting national and international bioethical dialogue through publications, collaborative research, education programs and institutional partnerships.