Honorary President – Nuno Sousa (MD, PhD)
University of Minho (Portugal). Full Professor at the School of Health Science. President of the School of Medicine at University of Minho.

September 16th 2019

02:00 pm - Opening of the secretariat       

02:30 pm - Opening Session

02:45 pm - Inaugural Conference (Chairs: Professor Walter Osswald and professor Miguel Pais Vieira)

  • Nuno Sousa, University of Minho (Portugal), President of the School of Medicine

03:30 pm - Debate

04:00 pm - Coffee break and Poster exhibition

04:20 pm - 1st Roundtable – WHAT’S UP in Health Neuroscience?

  • Alexandre Castro CaldasUniversidade Católica Portuguesa (Portugal), Institute of Health Sciences - MODERATION
  • Albino Oliveira-Maia, Champalimaud Foundation (Portugal)
  • João Bessa, Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS) School of Medicine - University of Minho
  • Friedhelm Hummel, Centre for Neuroprosthetics (CNP) and Brain Mind Institute (BMI), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
05:30 pm - Short Talks (Communications session) (Chairs: Pablo Marrero and Sandra Martins)
     - Presentation of most outstanding submissions for the “Call for communications and Posters”
06:45 pm - Adela Cortina - PhD Open Lesson, University of Valencia, Spain. (registration required on secretariat)
08:00 pm - Social event


September 17th 2019

09:00 am - Conference (Chair: Ana Sofia Carvalho)

  • Kathinka Evers, Uppsala University (Sweden). Division Leader for Ethical and Societal Implications of the EU-flagship Human Brain Project 

10:00 am - Debate

10:30 am - Coffee break

10:45 am - 2nd Roundtable – SO WHAT? Neuroethics on Health Neuroscience

  • António Jácomo, Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Portugal), Institute of Bioethics - MODERATION
  • Rui Vaz, University of Porto (Portugal). Faculty of Medicine. Department of Neurosurgery of Hospital S. João. Professor. 
  • Eric Racine, University of Montreal (Canada). Neuroethics Research Unit. Ethical application of neuroscience in research and patient care (neuroethics). PI in INTERFACES (Intelligent Neuro-Technologies Restoring Functions of Action and Communication: an Evaluation Study)
  • Hernâni Zão, Co-coordinator of the Portuguese Creative Lab for Health Literacy na Universidade do Porto

11:45 am - Debate

Lunch break

01:45 pm - 3rd Roundtable – TO DO. The role of the Ethics in the definition of the New Field.

  • Ana Sofia Carvalho, Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Portugal), Institute of Bioethics - MODERATION

02:45 pm - Debate

03:15 pm - Coffee break

03:30 pm - 04:30pm - ICONE closing session. Final conference

04:30 pm – 06.00 pm - Poster session NEURON & ICONE5

06:00 pm – 08:00 pm - ERA-NET NEURON and ICONE5 Workshops, please register here by July 25th

  • Practical Ethics
    PD Bagattini, Munich Graduate School for Ethics in Practice, Germany

08:00 pm - Joint Poster Prize Ceremony ("Daniel Serrão" and NEURON poster prizes)